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Honoring the Divine Feminine
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This workshop honors the songs, prayers, herbs and rituals of the Divine Earth Mothers called by many names... Mami Wata, Asase Yaa, Nana Buruki, Yemaya, Oya, Oshun, Obba.  Return to the womb of the Mothers to nurture, heal and gain greater power. 

Radical Healing: Rituals, Songs & Baths
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This workshop is about healing from the inside out.  Mantras, songs, herbs cleansing rituals, and spiritual baths are shared which Sula used in her survivors journey which led her into her Priesthood.  Soul Survivor medicine to rebalance recenter and heal from within

Orisha Song Classes,
Workshops & Sacred Circles
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Learn sacred chants to the Orisha that assist in healing the mind, body and spirit.  The chants will be taught from Sula and Omoba Adewale Adenle's book entitled "Spirit of the Orisha" - a book & cd project highlighting 38 Orisha Chants with the matching book of translations in Yoruba English and pheonetic pronunciation. 

Sacred Birthing Workshop:
Ritual, Songs & Ceremony

This workshop will teach spiritual birthing practices that bring in the divine. The sacred practice of ceremony, building altars, learning chants to the Mothers and pressure point pain management techniques are shared.  Let the healing power of song, ritual and the Mothers of creation transform your birth experience

Call to Schedule 

In Person Or Virtual Classes

Asase Yaa's Classroom
Mother Earth's Musical Journey

Children will learn chants and songs from the four corners of the earth that assist in healing the mind, body and spirit. Nana will also weave spiritual teachings in as well.   Each song will teach lessons on forgiveness, protection, strength, love, respect for parents, community and self.  All group sizes are welcome 

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