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Nana Sula was initiated in Ghana, West Africa in 2007 at the Shrine of Impohema and has studied the mysteries of Ghana since 1992. Her initiation title is Nana Okomfo Kokwe Ama Tawiah.  Nana Sula has been a student of Ifa/Orisha mysteries of Nigeria since 1985.  In 2014, Nana Sula authored and produced the Book and CD Project entitled Spirit of the Orisha – a Yoruba language preservation project that is a 38 track CD in the Yoruba language with a matching book of translations (now on of the orisha). The translator on the book project was the great Adewale Adenle' - Yoruba born Artist and Scholar.  Nana is an instructor of Sacred Music and travels globally to teach Orisha & Ghanaian chants as well as spiritual workshops. She was born and raised in New Jersey and has been a resident of New Orleans, LA since 1996.

Nana Sula Spirit credits all that she is to the Father and Mother of Creation, her Parents, Grandparents, the Orisha, Abusom and Ancestors.​

Sula Janet Evans holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with distinguished honors in African Studies and English Literature from Rutgers University in New Jersey (1994).  She has traveled extensively throughout Africa and the Caribbean and has been a volunteer with Operation Crossroads Africa  participating in community development projects on the continent of Africa since 1991. She is a Singer/Songwriter with her two bands - Coin-Coin Band and The Maroons (  Her first solo CD was recorded in Tanzania, East Africa in 2016 entitled "A Journey Within" (available on all digital platforms worldwide).  Sula is also lead singer of the band Michael Skinkus & Mojuba - a New Orleans Orisha based band who have been the opening act at the N.O. Jazz & Heritage Festival for the past 20 years. 


Nana Sula is the founding Priestess of the Temple of Light – Ile’ de Coin-Coin - a Mami Wata Temple of power  located in the Musicians Village - New Orleans, LA.  The Temple was birthed in 2007 when Nana Okomfo Ama Tawiah returned from initiation in Ghana.  She is a Medicine Queen with the Mardi Gras Indian Tribe Mandingo Warriors – the Spirit of

Fi-Yi-Yi and a member of the Mardi Gras Indian Queens of the Nation Society. Sula is a beadworker and Artist using paint as her medium. Sula the Doula has been a Birth Doula since 2006 and was Founding Director of the Na’Zyia Doula Collective (2007-2012) – the first Doula Collective of Color in the State of Louisiana.  Sula  also serves proudly on the Board of Directors of the Congo Square Preservation Society and has been a Board Member since 2009.  

Nana Sula is available for house/business blessings, readings, spiritual cleansings, libations and prayers, marriage and naming ceremonies, baby christenings, spiritual counseling, spiritual baths, burial rites and funerals,

spiritual workshops, retreats, sacred circles, orisha music workshops, sacred paintings, bead work and more!

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