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Temple of Light-

             Ile' de coin-coin

       The Temple of Light…Ile de (House of) Coin-Coin is a Shrine of Power located in the Musician’s Village in New Orleans, LA.  This Temple is for the elevation of souls, the cleansing of ones road and connecting people to the Mother and Father of Creation, the Ancestors and their divine destiny.

Priestess Nana Sula was initiated in Ghana, West Africa in 2007 as a Priestess of Mami Wata and given the title Nana Okomfo Korkoi Ama Tawiah.  She was initiated at the Shrine of Impohema in Accra Ghana - A Ga & Ewe Shrine.  She has been a student of  the Ga/Ewe Traditions since 1993.  Her Godparents are Nana Obusomfo Ahia (Numo) and Nana Okomfo Ama OyooSula has been immersed in traditional African Religions and Native American Traditions for the past thirty (30) years.  She has also been a daughter of the Orisha since 1985 and has been a member of the Egbe of Orisha in Brooklyn, New York since 1994.  Her Ifa/Yoruba Godparents are Baba Ade Olayinka (Ibaye!) and Iya Omifunke' Torres whose Ifa lineage traces back to Grandfather Epega (Ibaye!) of the village of Imoto, Nigeria, West Africa.

    The Temple of Light - Ile de Coin-Coin was built in honor of Nana Sula's maternal Great Great Great Grandmother Marie Therese Coin-Coin who was born in 1742 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.  She was of West African lineage and her name traces back to the Ewe people who originated in Oyo, Nigeria and later migrated into Togo, Benin and the upper Volta region of Ghana.  Nana Sula's entire spiritual journey has been in reverence to the medicine and memory of

Mama Coin-Coin’s legacy in addition to countless other

powerful Ancestors that

walk with her.

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Nana Obusomfo Ahia (Numo)


Song to Mami Wata