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Nana Obusomfo Ahia 

Chant to Mami Wata

Temple of Light-
             Ile' de coin-coin

       Welcome to The Temple of Light - Ile' de Coin-Coin ... a Mami Wata Temple located in the Musician’s Village in New Orleans, LA.  This Temple is for the elevation of all souls and honors all traditions of light. Nana Okomfo Ama Tawiah (Sula) was crowned a Priestess of Mami Wata in 2007 at the Shrine of Impohema in Accra Ghana -  A Ga Shrine where she studied from 1992 - 2007.  Her Godparents are Nana Obusomfo Ahia (Numo) and Nana Okomfo Ama Oyoo (Nana Santrofi).  Sula has been immersed in Yoruba and Native American traditions for the past forty (40) years.  She was a member of the Egbe of Orisha in Brooklyn, New York from 1993 - 1996.  Her Ifa/Yoruba Godparents are Baba Ade Olayinka (Ibaye!) and Iya Omifunke' Torres whose Ifa lineage traces back to Grandfather Epega (Ibaye!) of the village of Imoto, Nigeria, West Africa.

       The Temple of Light - Ile de Coin-Coin was built in honor of Nana Sula's maternal Great Great Grandmother Mama Marie Therese Coin-Coin who was born in 1742 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.  She was of West African lineage and her name traces back to the Ewe people. Nana Sula's entire spiritual journey has been in reverence to the medicine and memory of Mama Coin-Coin’s legacy in addition to countless other powerful Ancestors that walk with her on her Father and Mothers side.

       People come to the Temple for the healing of their minds bodies and spirits and to connect more deeply with their Ancestors. They are then given tools for healing and shifting energy. There are also those who come with health issues and seek a cleansing and advice for wellness.  Each time, the Holy Ones come to guide them into higher ground and cleanse their roads.  Nana Sula is just the messenger who is guided to give the advice.  The true healing is in the listening and moving into ritual and ceremony to invoke change for oneself.  


All sessions are by appointment only.  You may call (504) 251-4702 to schedule with

Nana Sula or email her at

You may also join her PATREON Family @ to become involved in Temple teachings and Asase Yaa's School of Enlightenment for Children.  Many Blessings and Wellness!!! 

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