A JOURNEY WITHIN …was birthed in November of 2016 when Sula was invited by Mama Charlotte Hill O’Neal to the Peace Power Productions Studio in Arusha Tanzania to embark on a creative journey and a new CD.  There her third eye became open to all the ways she has celebrated music throughout her life.  Sula reconnected with her New Jersey roots which involved House, Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae, African Music and Orisha chants that helped to shape her. This project is a blend of all that….All of her.  May you groove to the music, learn something new and fall in love with all the things that came together to make u! 

Special Thanks to the Creator & my sacred Ancestors, 

Mzee Pete O'Neal & Iya Charlotte Hill O'Neal,

Producer Abdala Saidi Mshakamari & to

All those who came together in Tanzania and America to bless this international project with your talent and love.  

Mungu Ni Muweza – God is Power!  


 Recording in Arusha, Tanzania

Peace, Power, Productions Studio

CD Cover Phote Credit: Tony Pierce