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The MAROONS BAND brings New Orleans, Afro Caribbean, Folk and World music on one stage.

The Maroons Band are: the multi genre artist Marcus Akinlana on drums and vocals, the exquisite Sula Spirit on vocals and shekere, and the talented multi-instrumentalist and drummer Xavier Molina. The Maroons are multi-disciplined and multigenerational, breaking boundaries and bridging gaps with their new Juju Music sound.


The band got its start while serving the community through shared sacred ritual work, music and artwork with the Healing Bembe for the World in 2020 birthed by Akinlana and Sula Spirit. Later they joined with Xavier Molina during the challenging times of the pandemic, to create a sound that reflects their cultural mission by uplifting one and all. In their passionate performances the Maroon Band and Show mixes their original music with classic jams to rock the soul and the house simultaneously. Their unique heavy percussion driven sound is dedicated to the legacy of the great Cimarrones of days gone by, who sacrificed and dedicated their lives for our freedom 

FOR BOOKINGS call 504 251-4702

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