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Spirit of the Orisha is a language and song preservation project in honor of the Yoruba People of Nigeria, West Africa. This CD & Book project was birthed to empower the masses to salute their shrines and have a basic study guide for the lyrics, songs and teachings of each Orisha. 

 Janet “Sula Spirit” Evans, Author and Producer of SOTO, serves as a vessel for Spirit to create a book and CD that has become a movement of understanding and

reconnection with Orisha music. Translated by

Omoba Adewale Adenle, the book is a teaching tool for those who wish to intimately learn ancient Orisha chants and to truly comprehend their meaning.


The CD project by Zion Trinity, is an audible testament to the journey of this music through the African Diaspora and the powerful Spirits of the Africans who carried this music in their souls. This project is one that brings honor to the chants of the Yoruba people and their power to heal the soul and reconnect people to their Mother tongue. 

Enjoy the Orisha and allow the music to heal you! 



Narrated by Janet "Sula Spirit" Evans

In Spirit & Love,    Nana Sula

Photo Credit: C-Freedom

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