(Cleansings/Readings are by appointment only & include a Spiritual Bath for home)

Phone Readings too!


Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

(Includes Wedding & Spiritual Baths

prior to ceremony)


Couples Reading &

Family Counseling Sessions

(Readings are by appointment only & include Spiritual Baths)


Baby Blessing/Christening

(Blessing Ceremonies are done with

spiritual water, incense, libation,

sacred songs & prayers)


House Blessings

(Houses are blessed & cleansed using

frankincense & myrrh incense,

water for purification, libation, prayers)


Libation & Prayers 

(Opening prayers & libation are a traditional African custom where water or alcohol is poured while prayers are recited 


Burial Rites & Funerals

(African burial rites are done with frankincense & myrrh, blessed water and the marking and washing of  the deceased)


Business Blessings

(Businesses are blessed & cleansed using frankincense & myrrh incense,

water for purification & prayers)

$300 & up

Workshops, Song Classes,

Retreats & Circles

(Prices vary depending on group size & location so call or email to arrange)






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